Business Express 3rd Ed


This new edition includes the latest syllabus changes introduced by the Department of Education and Skills and reflects the many significant changes in Irish business and the economy since 2009.

  • The Data Protection Act 2018 is the new data protection legislation arising from the introduction of the GDPR.
  • The Companies Act 2014 has replaced the old legislation and introduced important changes including new company models such as LTD (Private Company Limited by Shares) and DAC (Designated Activity Company)
  • The Workplace Relations Commission established in 2015 has fundamentally reformed the State’s workplace relations structures. It has replaced organisations such as the LRC, Equality Tribunal and Employment Appeals Tribunal.
  • The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission established in 2014 has reformed the State’s competition and consumer protection structures and replaced the Competition Authority and the National Consumer Agency.
  • The Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) introduced in 2014 have replaced the County Enterprise Boards.
  • Latest changes in the Universal Social Charge are included in tax calculations.
  • New and updated Case Studies and examples such as Google, Sony, C&C Group, Apple and more.
  • Also includes up-to-date information on the Irish economy and economic statistics.