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  • AuthorDéaglán Collinge
    Gléasnotaí Gaeilge Ardleibhéal 2021, Gaeilge has supplementary material including suggestions for the Oral Exam in conjunction with the Sraith Pictiúr, sample answers and vocabulary for th... See Details
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  • AuthorDéaglán Collinge
    Gléasnotaí Gaeilge Gnáthleibhéal 2021 The supplementary material in the Gléasnótaí series includes:
    • Suggestions for the Oral Exam in conjunction with the Sraith Pictiúr, See Details
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  • AuthorSeosamh Céitinn
    Complete Irish Grammar, Junior Cycle Clear and concise step-by-step grammar book. Suitable for all second-level students and others studying the Irish language. Includes Grammar Exercises. Simple ... See Details
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