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Gléasnotaí Gaeilge 2021 Gnáthleibhéal

Leaving Certificate Irish

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Gléasnotaí Gaeilge Gnáthleibhéal 2021

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AuthorDéaglán Collinge

Gléasnotaí Gaeilge Gnáthleibhéal 2021
The supplementary material in the Gléasnótaí series includes:

  • Suggestions for the Oral Exam in conjunction with the Sraith Pictiúr,
  • Sample answers and vocabulary for the Sraith Pictiúr
  • Repetition and consolidation of expressions for the Sraith Pictiúr
  • Detailed analysis of the prescribed Prose and Poetry with sample questions and answers
  • Synopses of the Prose
  • Useful suggestions regarding exam technique and exam-type questions based on exam questions to date
  • Suggestions for the Composition
  • Reading comprehension passages
  • Exam questions and answers which illustrate the variety of questions used in recent years

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