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Gléasnotaí Gaeilge 2021 Gnáthleibhéal

Leaving Certificate Irish

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Gléasnotaí Gaeilge Gnáthleibhéal 2021

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AuthorDéaglán Collinge

Gléasnotaí Gaeilge Gnáthleibhéal 2021
The supplementary material in the Gléasnótaí series includes:
Suggestions for the Oral Exam in conjunction with the Sraith Pictiúr
Sample answers and vocabulary for the Sraith Pictiúr
Repetition and consolidation of expressions for the Sraith Pictiúr
Detailed analysis of the prescribed Prose and Poetry with sample questions and answers
Synopses of the Prose
Useful suggestions regarding exam technique and exam-type questions based on exam questions to date
Suggestions for the Composition
Reading comprehension passages
Exam questions and answers which illustrate the variety of questions used in recent years

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