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Leaving CertGeography

  • AuthorSue Honan

    This book provides a clear and complete revision of ALL aspects of the Leaving Certificate Geography Course. See Details

    Shop price 13.49
  • AuthorSue Honan and Sue Mulholland
    Planet & People for Leaving Certificate Geography. There are NEW OSI maps for LC 2016 onwards and NEW division of regional authorities in Ireland. This book covers all three core units of th... See Details
    Shop price 32.39
  • AuthorSue Honan & Sue Mulholland
    Planet & People Core Workbook, Leaving Certificate, Geography Provides additional exercises and activities on all topics covered in the Planet & People Core Book Third Edition, including qu... See Details
    Shop price 8.99
  • AuthorSue Honan & Sue Mulholland
    Culture and Identity (Option 8), Geography, Leaving Cert See Details
    Shop price 9.89
  • AuthorSue Honan & Sue Mulholland
    Economic Activities (Elective 4) is suitable for Higher Level and Ordinary Level students and has clear and simple language. See Details
    Shop price 19.79
  • AuthorSue Honan & Sue Mulholland
    Geoecology (Option 7) has clear, concise language used throughout. It links closely with Planet & People Core Book 2nd Edition AND 3rd Edition and the two electives. See Details
    Shop price 9.89
  • AuthorSue Honan & Sue Mulholland
    The Human Environment, Geography, Leaving Certificate See Details
    Shop price 19.79
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