My Wellbeing – Year 2

  •  My Wellbeing -Year 2 reaches the relevant learning outcomes in an informative and engaging manner through a well-balanced use of age-appropriate explanatory text and a broad, inclusive mix of classroom activities. 
  • My Wellbeing -Year 2 contains four chapters, with each chapter covering a variety of learning outcomes. Some learning outcomes feature in more than one chapter,  allowing students to consider them at a deeper level and in a variety of contexts. 
  • My Wellbeing -Year 2 focuses on helping students improve and maintain their own wellbeing in all wellbeing domains: physical, emotional, social and spiritual. 
  • My Wellbeing -Year 2 supports students as they travel further into adolescence and teaches them life-long skills such as how to make good decisions, build resilience, self-regulate when necessary and enhance their self-awareness. 
  • My Wellbeing -Year 2 further develops the skill of empathy through end-of-chapter activities that focus on the student’s chosen avatar negotiating situations relevant to each chapter. There are five new avatars to choose from in this book. 
  • My Wellbeing -Year 2 facilitates class discussion, pair/group work and individual reflection throughout, as per the 3 cross-cutting elements of Awareness, Dialogue and Reflection & Action. 

Chapter opening pages


Each of the 4 chapters opens with a page explaining the aims of that chapter, which JC key skills are covered in the chapter (and how). This page also shows teachers at a glance which Learning Outcomes are covered, gives the reader a brief introduction into the main topics of the chapter and reminds the student to ‘bring their avatar’ with them as they travel through the chapter.



To help build empathy, our authors created five avatars to travel on the journey with the students. They are Freda, Sean, Gráinne, Indigo and Jasmine. Students choose an avatar to work with in the chapters. End-of-chapter activities encourage empathy towards their chosen avatar, others and themselves.