Vive la France 2 w/ Portfolio Book


Vive La France 2 is a French textbook designed for the second and third year of the Junior Cycle Modern Foreign Languages Specification. Vive La France 2 takes a dynamic and thorough approach to exploring the three strands: Communicative Competence, Language Awareness, Socio-Cultural Knowledge and Intercultural Awareness.

  • Covers all Learning Outcomes laid out in the Specification.
  • Focus on pair and group work.
  • ‘Stop! Think’ Assessment for Learning questions in each chapter.
  • Portfolio activities in each chapter.
  • Focus on discovery learning.
  • Integration of all key skills: speaking, reading, writing, listening.
  • Focus on oral communication and oral presentations.
  • Each chapter linked to an element of French culture.
  • Each chapter includes games, links to songs and videos.
  • Supported by over 140 audio tracks.
  • Mon Dossier de Français Student Reflection and Portfolio Journal comes free with Vive La France 2.
  • Encourages students to engage with and reflect on their language learning.
  • Supports formative assessment and facilitates students in showcasing their language-learning achievements.

Interactive quizzes

Interactive quizzes for students to complete - self-corrected!



Powerpoint files available to use in class.


Schemes of work

The schemes of work provide a practical overview of each chapter.

Learning tools and icons
Bright and colourful learning tools and icons are used throughout the book.
Audio tracks and exercises
Lots of audio tracks and exercises throughout the book.
Chapter Review Exercises
Chapter Review Exercises at the end of each chapter.