The Nature of Science Student Resources & Revision Book


Although The Nature of Science Student Resources & Revision follows the same chapter order as the textbook, it can be used independently, as a useful aid, with any Junior Cycle Science textbook. 

The aim of this book is to help Science students:

  1. Achieve the Learning Outcomes specified for Junior Cycle Science.
  2. Enhance their understanding of the relevant topics.
  3. Develop key scientific skills


Each chapter contains:

  1. Review questions: These address the basic information on the chapter’s key topic. 
  2. Knowledge & Understanding questions: These provide more in-depth questions to test the student’s true comprehension of the topic. 
  3. Analyse & Interpret sections: The activities here give students the opportunity to practise analytical skills through use of graphs and tables and to improve their numeracy skills. 
  4. Case Studies: These are taken from a variety of media sources, allowing students to see science as part of the wider world and how reporting on scientific matters should be analysed for bias. Case Studies also help students develop scientific literacy

Chapter Solutions

Solutions available to teachers only.

Case studies
Case studies to help students develop scientific literacy.
Review questions
Review questions ensure students understand the basic information in the chapter
Analyse and Interpret questions
Analyse and Interpret questions give students the chance to practise graph skills and other analytical skills.