Paper 1 Key Skills in English 2nd Ed.


This book comprehensively prepares students for all the KEY SKILLS required for Paper 1 of the Leaving Certificate Higher Level examination.

  • Comprehensively but succinctly covers each of the five Language Genres prescribed in the specification.
  • Offers a wide variety of sample material drawn from both fiction and non-fiction.
  • Non-fiction includes up-to-date articles, speeches, reports, documentary, websites, etc.
  • Fiction extracts o  er students a wide range of illustrative material from some of the best writers in each genre. There is a gender balance and a diversity of cultures represented in the book.
  • Comprehension A and B tasks set on each extract are provided to ensure practice and consolidation of key skills in each genre.
  • Sample essays are offered in each genre in addition to Exam Practice sections.
  • Composing section offering advice and sample essays for discussion. Commentaries offered on sample essays to guide evaluation.
  • Entire chapters on Visual Literacy and on Planning and Writing the Essay.
  • Chapter devoted to punctuation, spelling and grammar skills, with emphasis on those errors most commonly made by students.