On Your Marks


On Your Marks is an LCPE book for Senior Cycle students. It has been written to develop the student’s capacity to be an informed, skilled, self-directed and reflective performer in physical education and physical activity in Senior Cycle and in their future life.

Full coverage of the Leaving Certificate Physical Education specification:

  • Colourful, engaging content presented with contemporary Irish and international examples and images.
  • Learning outcomes at the beginning of each chapter.
  • Digital resources including videos.
  • Online revision quizzes for each topic.
  • Numerous learning activities such as talking points, class discussions and web research.
  • Exam-style questioning and case studies.
  • Additional resources to teach each topic including: chapter overviews, extension activities, research areas, links and QR codes to On Your Marks online revision quizzes, student demonstration videos and much more.
  • Information on how to select the three physical activities.
  • The Teacher Resource Book contains a comprehensive planning section to assist you in planning for LCPE including sample schemes of work and quick look guides. The TRB also includes:
    • Physical Activity Project (PAP) guide.
    • Performance Assessment guide
    • Information on written assessment.
  • Written by experienced and practising LCPE teachers who understand the realities of teaching in the classroom and in the sports hall.

Video links

Including student demonstration videos.



Engaging quizlets for students.


Interactive quiz

Interactive quizzes for students to complete - self-corrected!

Colourful and engaging
Colourful, engaging material. References to Irish athletes.
Contemporary case studies
Contemporary modern exam-style case studies.
Talking Points
Talking Points to promote discussion in the classroom.