Odyssey 1

The Odyssey 1 package (textbook and workbook) has been designed to meet all the requirements of the Junior Cycle English Specification. This package empowers the First- Year student to engage confidently and enthusiastically with the three strands of language set out in the Junior Cycle English Specification: Oral Language, Reading and Writing.   

Key features include:

  • Engaging text selection including YA fiction, spoken-word poetry, graphic novels, blogs and podcasts as well as extracts from much-loved classic texts.
  • Six themed units built around the 22 Learning Outcomes specified for First Year, to encourage student engagement and skills development.
  • Learning Intentions, aligned with the Junior Cycle English Specification, are stated in student-friendly language throughout.
  • Strategies (such as R.E.E.L.) give students the skills to write well-structured and focused answers.
  • A unit dedicated to the novel introduces students to this key genre and encourages reading for personal pleasure and academic enrichment.
  • Grammar and language points are presented through engaging activities.
  • Online Teacher Resources including Schemes of Work.
  • Written by a team of experienced and practising JC English teachers.


The accompanying Student Workbook contains:

  • Reinforcement exercises on key grammatical areas such as nouns and verbs.
  • Punctuation exercises.
  • Space for taking notes, drafting and redrafting.
  • Focus on writing as a process.
  • Space for students to create their own texts.

Schemes of work

Schemes of Work for Teachers

Student engagement
Strategies to promote student engagement
Graphic novel extracts
Beautiful artwork used
Classic texts
Classic texts
Creative activities with success criteria and reflection tasks