Minding Me 3 – My Wellbeing


  • Minding Me 3: My Well-Being is a timely update of the existing Minding Me 3 textbook. Whilst fully adhering to the current Social, Personal and Health Education syllabus for Junior Cycle, it also explores and discusses the four different types of wellbeing (emotional, social, physical, spiritual) through activities and explanatory text. Using clear, accessible language throughout, it gives the student the opportunity to consider relevant issues in the safe yet dynamic environment of the classroom.
  • Covers all topics and uses teaching and learning methodologies on the SPHE syllabus.
  • Contains new material on the four different types of well-being: physical, mental/emotional, social and spiritual.
  • Each of the chapters represents a key syllabus module.
  • Numerous activities presented as Paired Activity or Group Activity.
  • Key skills such as numeracy and literacy reinforced throughout the book, as well as links to related subjects such as CSPE and PE.
  • Closely links to free Teacher’s Resource Book and highlights areas where additional activities, information and resources are available.
  • All three authors of the Minding Me: My Well-Being series are experienced SPHE teachers who also teach a wide range of other second-level subjects. It is this expertise which has formed the learner-centred, cross-curricular focus of this updated edition.

Year Plans for Teachers

Tables outlining the recommended timeline for teaching the Junior Cycle SPHE programme.


TRB Modules for Teachers

Additional activities, information and weblinks for each module.

Easy to follow Icons
Easy-to-follow icons are used throughout the book.
Lots of activities throughout the book.
Clear and concise
Clear and concise material throughout.