Minding Me 1 – My Wellbeing


  • Icons are used throughout this series to indicate which type of well-being is being addressed or which subject is linked to the corresponding text or activity. Icons are also used to indicate when numeracy or literacy skills are a key part of an activity.
  • Updated and extended edition of 2008’s Minding Me 1. This edition fully complies with the current SPHE syllabus but extensive new material has been added to provide teachers with a useful bridge to the forthcoming Well-Being subject. This textbook could also be a useful resource for teaching SPHE as a short course.
  • Closely linked to free Teacher’s Resource Book (TRB). Icon used to alert teachers to additional activities/information/resources available in the TRB.
  • Activities designed to help teachers through the requirements of DES inspectors.
  • Pair work and group work provided via plenty of easy-to-follow activities.
  • Icons are used throughout the book to show links between SPHE, CSPE and PE and to show when numeracy and literacy skills are addressed in an activity.
  • Case studies occur throughout the book dealing with issues that teenagers will find relevant.

Year Plans for Teachers

Tables outlining the recommended timeline for teaching the Junior Cycle SPHE programme.


TRB Modules for Teachers

Additional activities, information and weblinks for each module.

Easy to follow Icons
Easy-to-follow icons are used throughout the book.
Case studies
Lots of interesting case studies and scenarios.
Lots of activities throughout the book.