This special school edition of Macbeth includes:

  • The complete text of the play, fully annotated
  • Valuable commentaries after each scene
  • Key quotation boxes and questions following each scene
  • Concise scene summaries at the beginning of each scene
  • End of Act revision quizzes
  • In-depth character studies and comprehensive theme analysis
  • A detailed section devoted to imagery
  • A study of Macbeth as a tragedy
  • New notes on gender roles in the play
  • Includes updated LC HL & OL exam questions
  • Updated sample answers for HL & OL students, reflecting trends in recent LC English exam questions on Shakespearean drama
Exam questions
Contains past exam questions and sample exam questions to give students a choice to answer as revision.
Revision quizzes
An engaging way to revise each act as students progress through the play.
End-of-scene questions
Focused questions ensure students have grasped the key points within each scene.

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