Limelight 1


Limelight 1 is a new First-Year English textbook tailored to meet the demands of the new Junior Cycle Student Award.

  • Addresses all key skills as outlined in the new syllabus (reading, writing, language and oral components)
  • Provides a wide selection of texts to be enjoyed, including: prose extracts, speeches, poetry, short stories, drama extracts, blogs, diary, visual texts and fiction extracts
  • Features a wealth of extracts from the NCCA reading list
  • Promotes independent reading by linking with the NCCA reading list in every chapter
  • Offers extensive active learning opportunities for independent and group learning
  • Places a strong emphasis on creative writing, comprehension and speaking & listening skills
  • Makes valuable use of digital media resources with internet links in every chapter
  • Includes an engaging selection of poetry arranged thematically
  • Contains innovative project work ideas to be used in the classroom and at home
  • Places renewed emphasis on language usage and the basics of good composition
  • Offers a range of activities to facilitate differentiation and mixed ability classrooms
  • Presents innovative lessons on teaching film in the classroom


Worksheet activities aligned with audio tracks.


Audio tracks

Audio tracks available online.

Speaking and Listening
Speaking and Listening activities throughout the book.
A variety of tasks throughout.
Clear design
A clear and colourful book filled with photos and illustrations.

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