Key Skills in English Higher Level


This revised and updated book covers all the KEY SKILLS required for the Junior Cycle English Final Assessment Examination.

Features include:

  • Sample answers to exam questions including answers based on recent past papers.
  • Writing tasks which incorporate and test the learning objectives of the new Junior Cycle Specification.
  • Extensive writing practice in the major areas of Drama, Poetry and Fiction.
  • Wide variety of stimulating texts for comprehension and response.
  • Integration and connection of unseen texts with studied texts.
  • Detailed explanations and examples of all critical terms used in literary analysis.
  • Section on Social, Oral and Visual literacy.
  • Detailed section with practice questions on Grammar and Punctuation.

Extra material

Lots of extra material for teachers to use.


Analysis of material

Extra material for analysis for teachers.

Understanding Shakespeare
Key Skills for Understanding Shakespearean Drama.
Lots of tasks for students.
Sample questions and answers
Lots of sample questions and answers to help students.