It’s Your Life

It’s Your Life is an SPHE book for senior cycle students, providing them with the opportunity to explore current and future life issues in a safe classroom environment. It will enable students to develop their life skills in the areas of mental health and wellbeing, self-management, relationship building and resilience to lead a happy and fulfilled life. The activities will help the students to explore all these areas and support them as they make decisions regarding themselves and their life choices.

It’s Your Life offers the following:

  • Builds on the Junior Cycle SPHE/Wellbeing programme in schools, using the same Wellbeing indicators
  • Uses a wide range of teaching strategies and methodologies to provide students with a diverse range of activities to develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills inside and outside the classroom
  • Includes references to popular culture throughout to illustrate the issues students face in today’s world
  • Uses accessible language with key terms explained as they arise
  • Modern design with carefully selected images


PDFs of textbook available to teachers.


Teacher Resource Book

The TRB is available online to teachers.


Video links

Video links to interesting material.

Goal setting
Exercises on goal setting.
Interesting layout and texts
Filled with interesting texts and a bright layout.
Range of activities
Diverse range of activities.

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