Français Supérieur

Français Supérieur A modern, focused approach to prepare students for the Higher Level LC exam. Excellent ‘finishing exam guide’ for 6th Year HL – one year’s work focused on HL paper.

Written comprehension 

  • Français Supérieur presents an abundance of journalistic and literary texts of sufficient difficulty for students to sharpen their understanding of what they are expected to produce in the exam. These texts are followed by a list of explained phrases and focus on the required themes studied during class.
  • Typical exam questions are used to allow students to familiarise themselves with the format and level of difficulty required in the exam.
  • Wide selection of journalistic and literary texts on contemporary themes.
  • Texts sufficiently difficult for students to sharpen their exam skills.
  • Concise lexicons offering translation of difficult vocabulary.
  • Exam-type questions offering the expected level of difficulty.
  • Helpful guidelines and advice.


Written expression

  • Français Supérieur provides a wide range of personal opinion essays, diary entries, formal and informal letters, faxes and emails. There are also numerous resource phrases and sentences, all of which are translated into English for immediate understanding. These phrases and sentences not only provide students with relevant vocabulary when answering questions, but also offer grammatical structure and ideas.
  • Detailed practice of personal opinion essays, diaries, letters,
    e-mails & faxes.
  • Fully translated and relevant resource phrases & sentences.
  • Ideas, topical vocabulary and grammatical structures – all easily accessible.


Listening comprehension

  • Français Supérieur offers a range of tests of varying difficulty along with questions and transcripts. Students can practise listening and answering the questions using either the audio files on their own or in conjunction with the transcripts.
  • Large selection of audio-files with questions.
  • Transcripts of the listening comprehension passages.

 Online Teachers’ Resources include:

  • ebook for teachers
  • Audio-files for the Listening Comprehension in the book.
  • Extra texts for both Written Comprehension and Expression.
  • Fully written sample essays.
  • Answers to all comprehension questions.


Audio files available to students and teachers.


Supplementary texts

Supplementary journalistic and literary texts and written expressions.



Solutions to exercises available to teachers.

Exam Preparation
Clearly breaks down the exam paper.
Phrases and texts
Filled with tables of phrases and texts.
Clear layout
A clear and bright layout.