Down to Earth


A new JC Geography package from best-selling authors Sue Honan and Sue Mulholland. Excellent Skills Workbook comes free with textbook.

  • Covers the JC Geography specification, empowering students to become geographically literate.
  • Divided into 6 parts allowing students to progress, in a straightforward and engaging way, through the three strands of:
  • Exploring the physical world
  • Exploring how we interact with the physical world
  • Exploring people, place and change.
  • Clear language used throughout with specific key word exercises.
  • OS map and aerial photo skills are integrated into topics throughout.
  • Contains regular, focused and thought-provoking reflection tasks to deepen student’s knowledge and inspire further exploration of topics.
  • End-of-chapter activities allow students to review their learning, track their progress and identify areas of further revision.
  • Learning pathways build and reinforce student confidence in their learning as they progress through each chapter.
  • The GeoWeb feature allows for seamless integration of relevant digital resources that boost students’ comprehension and interest.
  • The comprehensive glossary strengthens understanding of key terms.
  • Supported by a Skills Workbook filled with relevant activities, CBA features, inspiring Jobs in Geography spotlights and case studies that reinforce the key learning points of each chapter.
  • Digital Resources associated with the Down to Earth series available at

Close test solutions

Cloze test solutions for teachers.


Learning Pathway Checklist

Learning pathway checklists for students to use.



Powerpoint files to use in class.

Clear design
The opening page of each chapter is designed to emphasise the relevance of the topic and clearly show the learning pathways that students complete.
Check and Reflect activities
Frequent Check and Reflect activities using exam-focused action verbs reinforce students’ comprehension of the preceding topic.
Review My Learning and Get Exam Ready questions
Review My Learning Get Exam Ready questions at the end of each chapter to help students revise what they have learned about the topic.