Discovering History 2nd Ed. 2-Pack


  • Structure: The book embeds the three strands of the Junior Cycle History course in an easy-to-follow chronological structure.
  • Skills of the Historian: The key skills of developing historical consciousness, working with evidence and acquiring the ‘big picture’ are incorporated into the text.
  • Language: Uses clear accessible language throughout to cater for students of varying levels of reading ability.
  • Key Terms: Important and difficult words or phrases are provided at the start of each chapter. These terms are also highlighted in the text and explained as they occur.
  • Assessment: Employs a wide variety of question types, including Recall, Evaluate, Cause and Consequence, Viewpoints and Objectivity, Change and Continuity, Looking at the Evidence and Historical Empathy.
  • Classroom Based Assessments: Suggestions for CBA 1 and 2 are incorporated throughout the book.
  • Pre-teaching: Thematic timeline, learning intentions, discussion questions and key terms are all at the start of each chapter.
  • Design & Layout: Beautifully illustrated with colourful maps and drawings as well as an abundance of clear photographs.
  • Women’s History Association of Ireland (WHAI): Contributions from members of the WHAI throughout the book on issues relating to women in history.
  • Parallel student Sources and Activity Book follows the chapters in the textbook allowing for independent, collaborative, paired and group work.
  • Teacher Resource Book accompanies Discovering History and includes and outlines the most recent pedagogical and active learning strategies.

Interactive quizzes

Interactive quizzes for students to complete - self-corrected!


Video links

Video links with all chapters.


At a glance

Helpful summaries for each chapter.


Extra material

Extra material available to students.

Chapters begin with pre-reading activities
Looking at the evidence questions based on selected images.
Timelines are provided with each chapter
Simple and concise timelines to aid student learning.
Apply your learning
Extensive end-of-chapter exercises including Looking at the Evidence, Change and Continuity, Evaluate, History Empathy, Viewpoints and Objectivity and Further Research.

Sample Digital Resources

Interactive quizzes
Interactive quizzes for students to test their knowledge.
Stimulating video material
Stimulating video material to help aid student learning.
At a glance
At a glance summaries to help students with revision.