Aufbruch is a structured work programme for Transition Year German.

  • Content: 10 contemporary themes to motivate TY students.
  • Structure: Each of the ten chapters has a range of activities to develop the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • Language: The text is specifically written to suit mixed ability classes. Instructions are in both German and English, with a gradual increase in German.
  • Learning Outcomes: Each chapter has a clear focus on practical learning outcomes for the students.
  • Cultural Awareness: Students will be exposed to a range of information about Germany and German speaking countries, from famous people to favourite pets.
  • Extensive Teacher Support: See the Teacher Resources (below) for the full range of supports available while using this textbook.

Additional material

Additional material and exercises available for students.


Video links

Video links available.



Solutions to exercises available to teachers.

Useful sentences
Lots of useful sentences and their meanings.
Aufbruch is filled with grammar exercises.
Language games and puzzles
Anagrams, Who am I?, Guess the object, Word Chains and many more.