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You will receive free access to your chosen eBook for 8 weeks.

After 8 weeks, access to the ebook will expire. You will be prompted to send us your booklist if you wish to extend your access. This is to allow us verify our textbook is listed on your school’s booklist.

You can:

  1. Email your booklist to us @
  2. Fax your booklist to us @ (01) 2952114
    We will extend your ebook access on receipt of your booklist.

Web-based ebooks

To view the ebook on our website, choose your level from the sidebar menu (e.g. Junior Cycle, Leaving Cert etc). Then select your ebook. When prompted, enter your login details – the same details you used to create your account with Mentor Books.

App-based ebooks

To view the ebook on our app, download the free Mentor Books App directly from the App Store/Google Play onto your iPad/Android device or onto your laptop if you are using Windows. You register with the App using the same login details as you used for the Mentor Books website. You only need to do this once. Your ebook should be waiting for you in the App.

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