Web-based Ebooks

Teachers, to gain access to sample ebooks, please login/register your free account with mentorbooks.ie and then select the relevant title from the dropdown list below, insert your Teacher Council number and hit Submit. You will receive access to your chosen ebook for 8 weeks. After this, access will stop and you will be prompted to send in your school booklist to verify that our textbook is listed on it. Your sample ebook can be viewed either through the Mentor Books app or here on our website.

Note: If you have already downloaded an ebook onto your App OR accessed an ebook on our website, you do not need to fill in the application form. Select your level (Junior Cycle, Leaving Cert etc) from the sidebar menu and then select your ebook. You will be prompted to enter your login details. Enter the same login details that you use for your Mentor Books App /your mentorbooks.ie account.

To access a complete sample copy of our ebooks, you must login to our website. Click or here to Register
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