English Key Notes 2021 Ordinary Level


Text: Philadelphia, Here I Come!

Poetry: Full range of poems with useful biography and key points included, as well as comprehensive notes on each poem.

The Comparative Study Texts

  • Never Let Me Go:Kazuo Ishiguro
  • Eclipsed: Patricia Burke-Brogan
  • Brooklyn: John Crowley  (Dir)



A  Theme: Growing Up

B  Social Setting

C  Relationships

All prescribed modes covered with Sample Questions and Sample Answers.


1. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

A novel about the seemingly idyllic childhood of Kathy H. at Hailsham School. This coming-of-age-tale is set against the backdrop of an eerily distorted version of contemporary England, and contains a number of lively and fractious relationships.

2. Eclipsed by Patricia Burke-Brogan

This play is an increasingly popular pick for exploring comparative modes. With a contemporary prologue and epilogue, most of the drama takes place at a Magdalene Laundry in 1963. It tells the story of young Irish women who were made to work as ‘penitents’ in church-run institutions. The play shares some of the novel’s darker themes, while also offering stark contrasts in terms of its social setting.

3. Brooklyn (film) directed by John Crowley

This film has been hailed by critics and enjoyed by students in recent years. Eilis Lacey’s journey from Enniscorthy to New York, and from a meek, passive young woman to one who is confident and content, provides an obvious thematic link to the novel while contrasting sharply with the play.

Comparative Study
Including texts and comparative modes.
Key points
Key points feature in all chapters.
Sample Answers
Sample answers in each section.

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