Mentor Resources contains digital resources for a wide range of our textbooks. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use, focused library of resources.

This includes:

  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Audio files
  • Tapescripts
  • Additional activities
  • Sample answers
  • Discretionary content

We add new resources on a regular basis so to check in regularly to see what’s new.

The first step is to register. Don't worry! You only need to do this once and it’s a very short process. (Note: Teachers should have their DES number to hand.)

Once you’ve registered, you have your own account. Any resources you’ve recently viewed and/or used will automatically reappear when you sign in, saving you from having to search through the site each time.

You can check out our resources by simply looking at the list of subjects we cover. When you find your subject (eg, English), choose your level (eg Junior Certificate), click it and you’ll see a list of our titles for that subject and level (eg, Limelight 1 for JC English) as well as the number of resources associated with that title (a whopping 37!).

The resources follow the order of chapters/units in the textbook. You can see at a glance how many resources are available for this unit. If you’ve previously clicked into the resources for this chapter/unit a green tick-box appears to remind you that you’re already visited this section.

This makes it very easy to browse through the resources whether or not you have your textbook open in front of you.

Happy browsing!